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The two photos to the right are of Judah's engagement ring, which came as a wonderful surprise to him.

Lorien's Engagement Ring | Judah's and Lorien's Wedding Bands


Below is the story of Lorien Reese proposing to Judah Mahay.


Unsuspecting Gift

By Judah Mahay

Christmas Eve, amidst the year two thousand and four. A clear vivid winter night, gentle with the song of a whispering wind and the twinkle of an adorned sky.

In the warmth of the home of her youth, Lorien meanders up to Judah and with a coy glint in her eyes, she asks him to walk with her outside.

They stroll out the back door and over a lush white floor, taking a gently delight in the soft crush of snow under their feet.

With a priceless smile, Lorien turns to him and sits down on a sled, motioning for him to do the same.

Confusion lightly tickles his mind, but oddities are not uncommon in their relationship, so he does not worry. Taking his place beside her, he looked up at the blinking stars, wondering at the beauty of the festive night.

Lorien turns to him and taps him on the shoulder.

Responding, he breaks his gaze from the glamour above to meet a warmth in his heart.

She holds a small white box in her unsteady hands. The crisp air makes her shiver.

Feeling very perplexed, but more concerned with her being cold, he places an arm around her. He glances up at her eyes, his heart quicken at their glow.

With shaking hands, she opens the box to reveal a delicate and sophisticated ring. "Will you marry me, Judah Mahay?"

At a loss, Judah stares blankly at her. But, I already asked her months ago and she said yes. " Umm, yes I will marry you."

She leans over and kisses him on the cheek and gives him a big hug. "Try it on."

His heart lifts in such a way he thought impossible, like a waterfall flowing upstream, beautiful and serene while defying all that claims to be reality. That's what love is isn't it? Something beyond this world, neither bound by it, nor made of it, something else.

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