The Wonderful Cast

Here is the wonderfully long list of us all. This section has the splendid cast of people who will participate in our wedding. Additionally, you will find a few fun photos that we hope you enjoy.


The Exquisite Bride

Name: Lorien Leigh Reese
Occupation: Actor & Dramaturg

The Very Odd Groom

Name: Judah Daniel Mahay
Occupation: Novelist


The Ladies

Maid of Honour: Sarah Fallon
Maid of Honour: Tamara Goodrich
Bridesmaid: Ashley Reese
Bridesmaid: Caitlin Reese
Bridesmaid: Jenny Pollarine
Mother of the Bride: Pamela Reese
Mother of the Groom: Kristine Drumm
Flower Girl: Daisha Reese
Flower Girl: Nikki Reese

The Gents

Best Man: Jedidiah Wick
Best Man: Jamie Annarelli
Groomsman: Luke Caldwell
Groomsman: John Sleek
Groomsman: Lin Xu
Groomsman: Israel Mahay
Groomsman: Noah Mahay
Father of the Bride: David Reese
Father of the Groom: Stephen Mahay
Ring Bearer: A.J. Reese
Officiant: Merril Cox

(Judah: This was probably one of the most difficult tasks I have ever had. Thank you all so much. I love you all dearly.)


For those of you who love photos, in our photo gallery we have a whole section devoted to the wedding party, just click here.

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