Our Rings & Blessings

We thought it would be interesting to have some photos of our rings since it is the symbolism of our union.

The first ring (the one on the left), is Lorien's engagement ring that was presented to her on December 14, 2004, our eleventh month anniversary.

The stone is an amazing gift from Judah's mom. The delicate design cover all open areas of the ring. It pattern weaves along the side remeniscent of a piece of work with elvish quality. Fitting for Lorien Leigh Reese.

For those of you who are interested the ring was purchased at AntiqueEngagementRings.com, located in New York city. Hopefully, soon we will be able to get pictures of the other rings up on the website.

Judah's Engagement Ring | Judah's and Lorien's Wedding Bands

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