After the Wedding

We have a few options in mind. We are looking at applying to teach English in Japan for a few years, but it appears graduate school might take precedent..

We are currently planning on moving to Chapel Hill, North Carolina in fear that we might get locked down in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which terrifies both of us. As for graduate education it is as follows:

Lorien is looking at Conservatories in Acting and Master degree programs in Dramaturgy. Though she keeps talking about graduate school for Stage Managing, but I'm pretty sure that would kill her (if she mentions it tell her it's a bad idea, 'wink').

Judah is looking at a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing focused on fiction. He has two things in mind with this. One must programs have publishing courses and a majority of editors at publishing houses have MFAs, which would actually make him marketable. Second, it would also certify him to teach English at an undergraduate level.

As for beyond this, we're trying not to think about it for fear of premature heart attacks.

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